The idea behind "Invisible" was to portray emotions and a personal story of people suffering from an invisible illness and/or a handicap. It all sprung from the picture Jimmy Machon did of Kimie Wrisberg who suffered from Scoliosis and had just gone through a spinal surgery, and gotten twenty screws and two titanium rods inserted into her back.

A post was made to search for people on Facebook with hidden illnesses or handicap, and more than 150 people responded. From February to August 2019, Kimie and Jimmy Photographed, edited and created the visuals and the poetry to go along with each image. Each picture is a personal story portrayed through Kimie and Jimmy's imagination in collaboration with each model.


"Invisible" was created to bring awareness to all invisible illness and make it less taboo.


Jimmy and Kimie work as a team and as individual photographers. Jimmy is a visual artist and certified expert and instructor in several Adobe applications like Photoshop and After Effects. Jimmy works daily as a graphics design instructor with clients like LEGO, ECCO and Coloplast.

Kimie is partly self-taught and has apprenticed under Jimmy, and, in a very short time, has accelerated and reached a very high level of expertise in Photoshop and Photography. Kimie and Jimmy are also partners in life and seek to create more artistic projects together in the future.